The Complete Frazetta White Indian HB
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The longest comic-book run of Frank Frazetta's career! The hall of fame illustrator and icon of fantastic art, Frazetta, is best known for his oil paintings of buxom beauties and brawny barbarians (Conan, Tarzan, Death Dealer) which have sold for as much as $1.5 million. But Frazetta first revealed his unique talents in comic book and strip work in the 1950s. The Dan Brand-White Indian stories originally appeared as a backup feature in early-1950s issues of Durango Kid. Authorized by and under exclusive agreement with Frank Frazetta, the Vanguard Frazetta Classics line continues with this long-awaited, quality collection which, in addition to all of Frazetta's White Indian work, includes other Heroic Frazetta comics stories.

When our country was young, the truly great Americans were the intrepid pioneers of the backwoods, which were thick and sown with sudden death, the greatest of the backwoodsmen was Dan Brand! Brand, a colonial-era Philadelphia socialite, travails the Western wilderness to revenge the murder of his fiancee. After a battle to the death with a bear, Brand is found barely alive by Chief Great Eagle and his young son, Tipi, who nurse him back to health. Brand stays on to learn the ways of the forest and adopts the ways of the American Indian. The rum-runner and guns dealer, Peter Bradford, who murdered Brand's fiancee reappears, to kill Great Eagle. Brand avenges the deaths of his fiance and Great Eagle. Brand's journey transforms him into the hardened survivalist known as White Indian who, is joined by his new, Indian blood-brother, Tipi to brave the wilds of the New World.

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The Complete Frazetta White Indian, HB

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