Tales From The Crypt, Vol. 5
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The introduction by Grant Geissman relates some history of EC Comics and the troubled world of comic books in the 1950s. Horror movie icon, Bruce Campbell, gives a humorous and self-humbling forward for the collection.

“The Crypt-Keeper’s Corner” is the letter column of the the series that becomes strange and interesting as readers often submitted poetry instead of mere comments on past issues. Be sure to look for a poem by famed comic writer, E. Nelson Bridwell in issue #42. Throughout the book we have humorous ads for other EC titles and the publisher’s fan club, plus two nice “Thank you” cartoons depicting the EC staff in an outrageously cluttered office.

Just as important as the stories, and arguably more frightening, are the editorial pieces. “Are you a Red Dupe?” in issue #43 is a cartoon daring to compare Fredrick Wertham and the parents’ groups trying to end comic books to the Communists Americans were so afraid of at the time. “A Special Editorial” in issue #45 is a call to action for readers to appeal to their representatives to stop the “do-gooder” groups and their fight to ban comic books. It all comes to a head in issue #46 of the series, originally intended to be the first issue of a new series, The Crypt of Terror. “In Memoriam” details EC pulling the plug on their horror and crime comics due to hysteria driven censorship. With no small amount of sarcasm, EC talks of the forthcoming drop in crime statistics that will result from the absence of their titles. The message ends on a note of optimism for their other titles, but history tells us that things went differently than they had hoped.

Digitally re-colored using Marie Severin's original colors as a guide ... unforgettable artistic talents of Jack Davis, George Evans, Jack Kamen, Graham Ingels, Reed Crandall, Bernie Krigstein, Bill Elder, and Joe Orlando! Tales from the Crypt includes all the original ads, text pieces, and letters!



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EC Archives: TALES FROM THE CRYPT, Vol. 5, Dark Horse Ed.

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